Across England  1989    


Le Jog (End-to-End)  1991  


Trans USA  1993  


Trans Australia  1997


London to Brighton (unicycle) 1998


Un Tour de France 2003


North Sea Ride  2008


Round Ireland  2010  


Rhine, Danube Vistula 2012


Isles & Miles of Scotland 2014


Bar Bag Suffolk Rides 2015


Ian started biking in earnest at the ripish age of 42 when he happened upon, what can best be described as, a bike with only a few pedal turns left in it. How Ian kept it going for the next few years and even had the temerity to call it his ‘Silver Dream Racer’ is beyond belief.

His long suffering wife has somehow managed to tolerate his obsessions over the years. This one took over from his days as an inaccurate quick bowler and a murderous hockey player  -  much to the relief of the more refined games players of Suffolk.

He has kept diaries of all his rides and has used these, to good effect, to give talks about his travels  -  do contact him (if you dare) if you would like him to give a talk to your club or organisation  -  and has written six books.

All his rides have ended up providing money for charities ranging from Friends of the Earth to the Restoration Fund for his Village Hall in Walsham-le-Willows.

    Just for a bit of video fun click on this link